31 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7TR
Tel : 020 7622 3147

At Pearl Pharmacy we dispense both NHS and private prescriptions.

We always keep a record of what we supply to our patients, so we can tell whether it is safe for you to take the newly prescribed medicine together with any other medication you may be taking.

We can provide advice on common ailments, treatments and medicines for you. We have a wide range of medicinal and healthcare products available, many of which you can only buy from a pharmacy.

Remember we now deliver for FREE to all our patients and customers.

At Pearl Pharmacy we aim to serve all our patients healthcare needs. If you wish, you can talk in confidence to the pharmacist about all common ailments and their treatment and how perhaps we can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.
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We provide a wide range of services at Pearl Pharmacy. Ranging form Medicine Use Reviews and Stop Smoking Programs to Alternative Remedies and Blood Pressure Checks. Please read on for more details.
Medicines Use Review (MUR)
Minor Ailment Service
Stop Smoking Support
Confidential Help & Advice
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 Monday to Sunday
9.00am - 10.00pm