31 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7TR
Tel : 020 7622 3147
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Pearl Pharmacy has been at the heart of Clapham for many years, dispensing both NHS and private prescriptions. We always keep a record of what we supply. This way we can tell you whether it is safe for you to take your newly prescribed medicine together with any other medication you may be already taking. The labels on your medicines will alert you to any precautions you should take, such as avoiding consuming any alcohol or not driving.

You can be confident that all staff are properly trained through accredited courses, ensuring they can provide advice on common ailments, treatments and medicines.

We have a wide range of well-known products available, many of which you can only buy from a pharmacy. If you wish, you can talk in confidence to the pharmacist about common ailments and their treatment. You can contact the pharmacist by phone, email or in person.

Pharmacies are also useful places to go for advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You are always welcome to come in and help yourself to the display of healthcare leaflets covering many of the topics we frequently get asked about. Look out for the new ones each month!

We aim to give you the best possible service both in store and online and we welcome comments and suggestions from all our customers. If you are unhappy with any part of the service we provide, please get in touch and let us know and we will resolve as best as we can to your satisfaction.