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We provide a wide range of services at Pearl Pharmacy. Ranging form Medicine Use Reviews and Stop Smoking Programs to Alternative Remedies and Blood Pressure Checks. Please read on for more details.

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

A Medicines Use Review is a chance for you to sit down and have a private, face-to-face, informal conversation with the pharmacist about your medicines. By the end of the MUR you’ll know more about your medicines and what they do and feel confident your medicines are now working to benefit your health. The MUR is free and will usually last around 10 minutes. It is completely confidential and you and your GP will receive a record of the discussion.

Minor Ailment Service

This is a new NHS service for people, including children, who don’t pay prescription charges. It means that if our Pharmacist thinks you need it then they can give you a medicine on the NHS without you having to pay for it. It will also save you making an appointment with your GP simply to get a prescription.

Stop Smoking Support

In addition to offering help and advice on stopping smoking, our pharmacist can advise on a wide range of nicotine replacement products which may also help, including nicotine patches and gum.

Confidential Help & Advice

At Pearl Pharmacy we have a private consultation room where you can talk with the pharmacist about any health concerns that you may have. They will be able to provide you with quick and accurate advice, to help put your mind at ease.

Below is a list of some of the other services that we provide:

  • Emergency Contraception
  • Weight Management
  • Unwanted Medicine Disposal
  • Patient Support
  • Support For People With Disabilities
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Alternative Remedies
  • Advice On Health and Lifestyle Issues
  • Holiday Needs
  • Care Homes Support

Please ring us up or ask in store if you require any further details on any of the above services.